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Born 1963 in Abadan, Iran

Since 1989, resident of Holland 

Currently traveling by bike around the world





1997-1998: School for New Dance Development AHK, Amsterdam/ Netherlands

1990-1995: School for Fine Arts HKU, Utrecht/ Netherlands

1979- 1981: Literature studies in Iran



2023: Solo Exhibition "White thread" at Pier2, Taiwan

2019: Group exhibition at Highgreen/ VARC, England

2019: Fashion Show at Art Space Harelbeke, Belgium

2019: Group exhibition at Art Space Harelbeke, Belgium

2018: Group exhibition at Cheeseburn, England

2017: Group exhibition at Highgreen, England.

2016: “VARC in the City” Group exhibition Newcastle, England.​

2015: Solo exhibitions Queen’s Hall Hexham, England.​

2015: Solo exhibitions at Highgreen: VARC artist residency final show in England.​

2011: Land Art exhibition (off site project) Moks Artist in residence, Mooste/ Estonia. 

2008-2009: Solo exhibition, Pro artibus artist in residence in cooperation with HIAP Suomenlinna/ Helsinki Finland.




Since 1995 I performed in various dance, theatre festivals in Europe and Latin America. Included solo works, performances with my company “Les PesPis” as well as working with other directors. To name a few:

2009 & 2011: solo performance “Thinking body 2009” and “Home2011” - Festival Internazionale di Danza  "Visioni di (p)arte" QuaLiBò – Bari/ Italy. Video here

2007: Les PesPis performed “Fall” in Notafe Festival in Estonia:

2005: “Bache” directed by Koen Augustijnen: company; “Les Ballets C. de la B” 




2008- 2023: Fronteras: an artistic, social and educative project in which took place in:

Brazil: Matao, Rio de Janeiro, Gamarra 

Argentina: Rosario, Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca

Chile: Santiago, Concepcion

Mexico: Tijuana

Peru: Lima, Huaraz  

Italy: Ronzo Chienis

2004- 2023: International Performers Lab (I.P.L): an artistic project for multidisciplinary artists in which took place in:

Sweden: Orebro, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malme, Karlstad, Kalmar 

Italy: Milan, Rome, Turin, Trento, Bari, Arce, Gubbio, Ronzo Chienis

Belgium: Brussels

France: Paris

Argentina: Buenos Aires, Rosario, Bahia Blanca, Necochea, May del Plata, La Plata

Uruguay: Montevideo

Chile: Santiago, Concepcion, Valparaiso, Valdivia

Peru: Lima

Brazil: Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Matao, Campinas, Salvador

Mexico: Tijuana


2005- 2009: Les PesPis: contemporary dance company.


2001- 2009: Laster Studio: Centre for Contemporary and Experimental Dance and Music in Brussels/ Belgium.




2009- 2023: The government of Matao (Sao Paulo/ Brazil) - full support for project Fronteras and donating an school building to the project: Casa PIPA

2007- 2008 Prince Claus Fund in Netherlands supported I.P.L South America.

2007: I.P.L Europe/Italy resaved a grant from European Community.

1995: Start Stipend: BKVB (The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and


1995: Start Subsidies municipal Utrecht




2023: Pier2 Artist residency in Taiwan

2019: Art space The Zandberg in Belgium

2014/2015: Visual Art Residency VARC in England.

​2011: Visual art residency at Moks, Mooste/ Estonia.​

2008/ 2009: Visual art residency at Pro Artibus Helsinki/ Ekenäs/ Finland.

2009: Paliso des Arts FCS, Belo Horizonte  Brazil: Les PesPis company residency for the creation of our performance “Inside out”.

2007: Centre Choreography Rio in Brazil, Les PesPis company residency for the creation of our performance “Fall”.




Since 2000 I have been working as an international guest teacher in Europe, North Africa, and Latin America. I taught in different Universities of stage and visual arts as well as dance/theatre companies such as:


Companies: Rosas and Les Balles C. de la B in Belgium, Maguy Marin and ballet-de-lorraine in France, Cullberg Ballet in Sweden, Folkwang company FTS in Germany, Paliso des Arts in Brazil…

Universities: P.A.R.T.S in Belgium, DOCH in Sweden, CODARTS and KABK in Netherlands, Theatre School in Denmark, Folkwang and ZZT in Germany, UC- University of Santiago in Chile, UnicampUFBA- UFU in Brazil…





Persian “Farsi” (mother language), English and Dutch. Spanish and Portuguese (not very advanced).

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