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I am Khosro Adibi: born in Iran in 1963 and emigrated to the Netherland in 1989.

I studied art at HKU in Utrecht where I graduated with a fine arts degree. Curiosity to understand my body and integrate movement into my visual work led me to study dance at AHK in Amsterdam. I spent many years of my professional life working in the field of experimental dance, theatre and performance art and have developed and coordinated a number of artistic, educative and social projects in Europe and Latin America.


For the past few years my practice has returned to the fine arts, working on land art projects, photography, video installations and more recently sculptural objects. My work is deeply rooted in nature, materials and the context in which I find my self.


Repetition is the core of most of my work.  Everyday materials or actions in time transform themselves to a concrete form.  Somehow it feels like all existence is, in one way or another, related to repetition and cycles.

The act of doing, the urge and insistence to understand the potential and limitation of materials results to the works I am creating.

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